May 16

AU Awards Dinner 09

Best Website Winners!

Web maestrosA big night for the club. We won our first AU award in as long as anyone can remember, for best website. Unfortunately there was no trophy for the category, but Ed and I got a bottle of wine between us, which was much appreciated. We also picked up nominations for best treasurer (Lynne), sports personality (me) and club of the year. A messy night of celebration followed – kudos to Heather for doing a shoe, Em for coming all the way from Germany and Noah for turning up in a tux despite only coming to the after party.

May 10

Open Boating

With a distinct lack of whitewater, we are breaking in to new disciplines at EUCC. Despite being a ‘canoe club’ this was the first time most people had been out of a kayak and in an open boat. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was awesome fun, particularly being able to spend as much time mucking about in the water as in the boats – even if the Exe is still pretty chilly! Everyone improved during the day and I think it is definitely something the club will do again. Just next time we need to remember to bring pub money for when we stop at Double Locks and a ball for some proper open canoe polo. Thanks to Andy and Pete running the day.

May 05

UWE Varsity Polo 2009

canoepoloWe were invited to play at the annual UWE varsity tournament on Sunday. Fielding a mixed team, we beat both UWE & Bristol ladies and gave Bristol men a run for their money, leading 2:1 at half time in a game that ended 2:4. We played hard against the much stronger Bristol & UWE Old Boys teams, but unfortunately lost both games.
It was a really good day: the standard of play was perfect for our team (Dave P, Charlie, Hugh, Jess, Mark & me), the weather was perfect and the event very well organised. Once again our standard improved massively during the tournament, particularly defensively. We just need to keep up the training sessions to improve our ball skills.
We’re looking forward to competing again next year, and a big thanks goes to Laura for coming along and supporting us, it made a huge difference on the water, and to UWE for putting the tournament on and taking us for a curry afterwards.

May 04

Two Star Training

Fluid Skills logo
Saturday saw five of us (me, Ben, Helen, Josh and crazy Dave) become guinea pigs for Fluid Skills to assess a few of it’s trainee coaches. As a result we each got a whole day of FREE two star training, which resulted in most (if not all, I’m not sure) of us receiving our two star awards. We all had a great day, especially in the canoes, which gave us some practice to this Saturday’s outing.
Thanks to Fluid Skills, for a fun, and quite sunny day of training


Apr 27

New Boats!

As you will soon see, there are now two shiny new boats in the cave…
The very shiny and brand new Pyranha H:3, which was the last ever H:3 to leave Pyranha! And the not quite as new, but still very shiny Liquid Logic Cross River.

However, we need some airbags for the H:3, and some foam for the CR before they go out.
So just don’t sink them both in the meantime!

H:3 and CR

H:3 and CR

See you on the water!

Apr 27

BUCS Polo 2009

BUCS team 2009
This is an event that we haven’t been able to enter the last two years, so I was pretty pleased that we even arrived. The standard of competition was very high and we struggled against the teams with shiny composite boats but had much tighter games against teams who were also using plastic boats. In the end we won one game, had two wins by default from teams that didn’t show up and four losses. Our three goals of the tournament came from Paolo, me and Charlie.

More importantly we all had a great time, made friends and improved our game. Special thanks to Hertfordshire for hanging out and partying with us, Southampton for painting Charlie’s face and letting us vote in their AGM, Bangor for taking me to Tesco when we ran out of beer, everyone who refereed for us and of course Loughborough for putting the event on.