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Sep 03

Probably the Best University Alps Trip… in the World (Part 2)

Probably the Best University Alps Trip in the World Part 2       A large part of any trip with 20 people is the social aspect. With 40 or more it is still important but there is plenty of room to get away from individuals or certain cliques. It is surprisingly easy to become isolated from …

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Sep 01

Probably the Best University Alps Trip… in the World (Part 1)

Probably the Best University Alps Trip in the World Part 1       For those not acquainted with the University of Exeter, we have a saying that our university is “probably the best university in the world”, hence the title of this article. However, for now, I shall try and convince you over this two-part article, …

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Feb 24

South West Polo: 21st Feb

On Tuesday the club headed off for another installment of “Exeter takes on South West Uni’s” Polo edition. After much faffing to get petrol money, despite being reminded by Ben about half an hour before (cough cough Alex and Matt) we finally hit the road in the bus and Adam’s car. Despite getting lost as …

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Feb 21

Ladies Paddling Weekend: Feb 2017

Heading up to North Wales, a group of ladies from Bristol, Bath and Exeter university joined coach Lowri (from FlowFree) for a weekend of river reading, leadership skills, safety & rescue tactics and confidence building. We spent Saturday on the Dee, where the group practiced their decision making skills as well as performing real rescues …

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Feb 06

Southwest Polo league 4th Feb 2017

Canoe polo is a game played with a team of 5 and 2 subs, normally with banks of cheering teammates on the side, we decided to buck the trend and play ALL our games with JUST 3 people. The brave trio of myself, Adam Finley and Lowri Peters set off with plenty of time to …

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Dec 02

Exmoor River Barle trip: 27/10/16

…Turns out we didn’t sacrifice enough freshers. With the lack of rain in the south-west, Flozza consulted the Captain of timings about what us desperate mortals could do in this hour of need. He remembered a river from a previous life and suggested it. This was on a low at the time of suggestion, the …

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