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Jul 01

Summer Tavy Trip

After the Easter break and lack of water it was lovely to be able to paddle a proper river again so there were lots of smiling faces when we got to the Tavy. Running the shuttle was faster than last time, but it still gave the people waiting time to laugh at Frampers as he …

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Mar 24

Cornish League

Last Saturday Team ‘My Face’ travelled to Redruth for the last tournament before BUCS in Doncaster. Here’s how it went… First up we played the Sea Monsters. Despite some lovely goals from Rich and Ash we didn’t manage a win, but I did manage to injure one of the women with a very bad tackle. …

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Mar 09

National Student Rodeo 2011: 14 people in a tent and the day Andy killed Matt.

The weekend started with some quality faff involving collecting various people and a Mrs. Rodeo Rabbit costume, but eventually we were on our way. Arriving in Nottingham around 8pm, we had the tents up with plenty of time to start drinking. The Friday night party in the marquee was surprisingly good and EUCC showed the …

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