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Apr 26

South-West Polo Finals: 25th March

On 25th March 2017 members of the EUCC polo teams travelled up to Bristol for the final of the South West University Tournament! Once we made it to Bristol (we didn’t get lost on the way and take a 20 minute detour this time = achievement) we quickly got the boats and the A-team on …

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May 31

UWE Varsity Canoe Polo Tournament: 21st May

An early morning start, but great weather, saw nine paddlers (after Jen’s oversleeping) make their way towards Bristol after a rendezvous at Taunton for some kit and the tenth player. Two car parks later and we found the Scout Hut and were greeting by a pair of loud-mouthed-megaphone-wielding UWE supporters. After some faff finding toilets …

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Mar 24

Cornish League

Last Saturday Team ‘My Face’ travelled to Redruth for the last tournament before BUCS in Doncaster. Here’s how it went… First up we played the Sea Monsters. Despite some lovely goals from Rich and Ash we didn’t manage a win, but I did manage to injure one of the women with a very bad tackle. …

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Feb 13

EUCC does Bristol Polo Varsity

Last Saturday saw team My Face travel to Bristol University to play polo (or kayak netball as some may say) in a varsity tournament. We met at the cave around lunchtime and speedily loaded the boats onto the bus, stopping briefly at St. Lukes to grab paddles and decks. On the way out of Exeter …

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Feb 04

Southampton Varsity

Canoe Polo isn’t a real sport. Just don’t tell Southampton! As we set off for Southampton, picking up vagrants in the form of Mad Dog and Ben C-A, and later Phil Beans, we were in high spirits. With Josh ‘not been in a boat since the Freshers’ trips’ Cleall driving us around Dorchester with the …

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Jan 25

‘My face’ play in the Cornish League

After a surprising lack of faff, we set off on our long journey to Kernow. The team were hyped and confident, we had won a match in Redruth before and we wanted more. Everyone was in their own zones mentally preparing for the high level canoe polo ahead. Our beloved captain quickly took control and …

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