Committee 2018/19

Adam Evans – Captain
2nd year Medical Sciences

Hey Guys! I’m Adam, a 2nd year Medical Sciences student and lucky enough to be this year’s EUCC captain. My job is basically to make sure the club is running smoothly and make sure our members are getting the best experience possible! I’m also the point of contact for the AU, and sometimes external sponsors or partners. Starting last year as a kayaking newbie, I’ve learnt a lot through the club, from defensive swimming to … more defensive swimming … and made some amazing friends along the way (#beaters). EUCC provides not only an opportunity to be part of a social club, with a friendly welcoming atmosphere and renowned socials, but also an opportunity to represent your university in multiple disciplines at national competitions without the time sacrifice necessary for other sporting societies! Any questions, hit me up! See you soon!



Izzy Elliott – General Secretary
2nd year Biochemistry

Hey I’m Izzy and I’ll be your Gen Sec for this year. I’m basically in charge of all the admin, this website and taking minutes at committee meeting, and helping Adam out whenever he needs a hand. Joining the canoe club at the start of first year was honestly the best decision I made at uni. The club is like a massive family and there’s so much to get involved with – there were some weeks last year when I was doing something EUCC-related nearly every day! Although I started kayaking at Sea Scouts, it was only ever flatwater on the Thames, so I was basically a newbie to whitewater, polo, slalom, surf, flatwater racing and everything else EUCC does when I joined last year. I got the chance to try it all out and although I’m definitely not a pro at any of it, I had a fab year nonetheless. Highlights were competing in the Ladies Team at BUCS Canoe Polo, kayaking (and surviving!) the Alps, the many socials, and of course, making some pretty good friends along the way! You’ll see me around at the pool sessions, socials, polo training and river trips so feel free to come and have a chat.

(And ignore the black eye … definitely not due to a kayaking related incident!)


Toby Jones – Treasurer
2nd year Maths

What is your full name? Toby Paul Jones
Where are you from? Norfolk (explains extra fingers)
What is your favourite drink? Green VK.
Are you a fan of any sports team? I am an avid Norwich City fan.
What is your biggest fear? Adam Evans, the EUCC Captain.
On a scale of 1-10, (10 being the highest) rate your fashion sense? Solid 3. My Mum still buys all my clothes.
What do you consider unforgivable? Not EG-ing
What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done? On my first day of Uni. Stabbing my thumb with a knife trying to open a packet of knives.


Lauren AllingtonCompetitions Secretary
2nd year Geography

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren and I’ll be filling the role of Comp Sec this year. I joined EUCC after meeting all the really friendly, funny and welcoming people in the club during Fresher’s week and I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve done so far, in particular, playing on the Ladies Polo Team at BUCS. As Comp Sec, I’ll be coordinating all the competitive parts of the club and working with the discipline captains to organise tournaments, matches and training to help EUCC improve and succeed in BUCS and other leagues. I’m really passionate about giving people the opportunity to take part in all the competitive aspects of the club, so feel free to chat to me about getting involved with Polo, Flatwater, Slalom or Wildwater, you won’t regret it!



Jess FarmerTrips Secretary
3rd year Maths

Hey, my name is Jess and I’m a 3rd year Mathematics student. I joined EUCC last year as a complete beginner and have genuinely loved every minute of it; the club is so friendly and inclusive and offers so many opportunities (I would definitely recommend trying everything!). Learning to kayak has been so much fun and I’ve had so many great experiences, my favourite (so far) has been completing a lap of the Cardiff White Water course! As your Trips Sec I’ll be responsible for organising regular club trips, if you ever have any questions or just fancy a chat feel free to get in touch.




Natalie Pursglove – Training Secretary
3rd year Biology

My role is to facilitate the training of club members and ensure everyone has the skills needed to have fun and be safe out on the water. This will be my third year in EUCC (having been made to sign up by my housemates in freshers). My favourite EUCC memories are my failed attempts at refereeing polo games, which include floating 10m downriver of the game in a Canadian canoe, and most recently, falling off the pontoon into the pitch in attempt to keep up with the players….
You’ll see me at the pool, on the pitches, and at the climbing wall, so feel free to stop me for a chat/to ask questions/life counselling.



Lucy Taylor – Publicity Secretary
2nd year French and Spanish with Management

Hi guys, I’m Lucy, and I am in second year studying French and Spanish with Management. As your Pub Sec for this year, it’s my job to handle our various social media accounts, produce trip videos and get us some super slick stash! Having never kayaked before, I really wanted to try something new at Uni and after being welcomed by members at a Fresher’s taster session, I knew I had to join. It was one of the best decisions I made, as I have met amazing people and learnt so many new kayaking skills. I have had some truly memorable experiences such as representing EUCC at canoe polo tournaments and was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday at the annual surf kayak weekend in Polzeath, where I was surprised with free prosecco and a huge cake. (Same again this year please, guys…) I’m looking forward to meeting new members at a taster session or social- we’re a super friendly club and there are opportunities for everyone, so come along and give it a go!



Dan Havard – Equipment Secretary
3rd year Maths

Hey I’m Dan and the Kit Sec for this year. I’m in charge of maintaining the boats and other club kit as well as ordering in any new kit for the club. If you are looking to purchase any kit for yourself, then I am more than happy to help you out and recommend what to get and where to get it. I mainly paddle whitewater but am still able to help out if you have any kit requests regarding polo or other disciplines. 





Imogen Lang – Social Secretary (part 1)
3rd year Biology

Hi all, I’m Imogen and I’m one half of your Social Sec team! I’m a 3rd year Biosciences student and I’ve been kayaking for a year having joined EUCC at the start of my second year. I joined the club as I’d heard it is a very relaxed and friendly club and that’s exactly what it proved to be – I’ve loved being part of EUCC so far and can’t wait for another year!!I have a number of great EUCC memories, some of the top ones being Teifi Tour (I remember the kayaking part…) and Ad Ball.Having the reputation of a predominantly social member of the club I thought I’d live up to it and take on the role of one of your new Social Secs; I can’t wait to come up with some great socials for this year, get to know you all and make sure you love EUCC as much as I do!



Rob Sweet – Social Secretary (part 2)
2nd year History 

Hiya guys, so just a few lines about me as one half of the new Social Sec duo. I’m Rob and at uni as part of my role as Social Secretary I devote most of my time to creating cardboard creations; boats, tanks and sleighs for use at socials but in my spare time I study History. However if you ever need a mate to go for a pint and a chat with, I’m your man. I can give you a full rundown of the finest and not so finest drinking establishments Exeter has to offer. But equally if you just want a chat or a catch up I’m always around somewhere, up for a game of pool or darts. I look forward to seeing you in September out on the water or down at the pub.




Elis Jones – Logistics Officer
3rd year Geography

Hi I’m Elis and I am going to be your Logistics Officer this year. I’m a 3rd year Geography student who joined the Canoe Club in my first year. Having been in the club two years now, I’ve had many great experiences both on the rivers and at the socials. Some of my favourite moments would be Teifi Tour and Cops & Robbers Social. Hope to see you all soon!





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