Committee Responsibilities

The Club Captain is responsible for:

  • Trying to ensure that the Club Good Practise Guidelines are followed
  • Providing adequate provision for all members in the Club program of events insofar as is possible to do so
  • Utilising the Committee in order to provide a high standard of service and instruction for members
  • Acting as a liaison between the AU and the Club
  • Overseeing the coordination of all club events and club meetings insofar as is possible

The General Secretary is responsible for:

  • Filling out, filing and obtaining all necessary club paperwork
  • Providing a full and detailed list of the club members
  • Administering the club’s insurance policies in conjunction with the AU office
  • Maintaining the website
  • Updating notice boards and advertising
  • Taking minutes for committee meetings and making them available to club members and the AU Executive Committee Secretary
  • Assisting the Captain in all administration matters where possible

The Trips Secretary is responsible for:

  • Arranging and advertising all club trips
  • Providing club members with necessary information about the trips
  • Ensuring that transport and accommodation, where necessary, is arranged
  • Making sure that trips are suitable for participants

The Social Secretary is responsible for:

  • Arranging all club socials
  • Arranging the annual dinner and dance
  • Maintaining the social aspect of the club and ensuring the integration of newcomers into the club environment
  • Making sure all social are safe, and abide by AU regulations

The Training Secretary is responsible for:

  • Facilitating the integration of novices in the club and their access to relevant information and advice
  • Ensuring participants understand all aspects of club activity; paying particular attention to the skill levels required, risks involved and equipment requirements
  • Advising novices as to their suitability for certain trips
  • Promoting safe practise within the club at all times

The Equipment Secretary is responsible for:

  • Producing an annual inventory of club equipment and filing a report of this with the Sports Facilities Manager and the insurance company
  • Storing and maintaining all equipment in accordance with the manufacture’s (CE guidelines) and club guidelines
  • Undertaking regular safety checks on equipment and making an accurate record of such checks.
  • Recording when equipment is bought and labelling the equipment appropriately
  • Ensuring that all faulty or defective equipment is disregarded appropriately or arranging appropriate repairs
  • Making such any unsafe equipment is appropriately and clearly labelled and separated from working equipment in order to prevent anyone using unsafe equipment
  • Ensuring that all kit issued for an activity is fit for its purpose
  • Advising the committee on the purchase of club equipment
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of “the cave”, keeping all equipment in order and removing rubbish.

The BUCS and Competitions Secretary is responsible for:

  • Organising training sessions for polo, slalom, wwr and freestyle
  • Encouraging participation
  • Organising team lists for matches/competitions
  • Organising transport to matches/competitions and if necessary accommodation
  • Ensuring all kit issued for matches/competitions is suitable for that purpose
  • Advising the committee on the purchase of new polo equipment

The Transport Secretary is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the bus is insured
  • Ensuring that the bus is road worthy and the MOT is kept up to date
  • Keeping a record of approved drivers and those with bus keys
  • Keeping it clean and tidy
  • Responsible for taking it to the garage when problems need fixing
  • Ensuring it has fuel, water, oil, tyre pressure etc

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Administrating the club budget inline with the AU guidelines and procedures
  • Providing a financial plan for the academic year and an AU audit at the end of each term
  • Overseeing the club budget and other sources of income
  • Regulating and monitoring club expenditure
  • Organising the application for grants
  • Collecting money throughout the term and recording it

The Publicity Secretary is responsible for:

  • Boosting positive image and awareness of the club
  • Helps to promote the AU’s relationship with Timepiece and is involved in assisting with securing sponsorship
  • Helps to promote the activities of the club to improve the clubs profile
  • Organises and sorts out stash design
  • Oversees the clubs social media outlets, producing videos and posts to boost the clubs image