Sam Johnson

Hello! I’m Sam, a 4th year mathematics student and this year’s EUCC captain. My job as captain is to oversee the committee and overall smooth running of the club, whilst acting as a liaison between the club and the Athletic Union. Joining EUCC has been the best decision of my university life and I strongly recommend everyone to make the same choice; whether a complete beginner as I was or an experienced paddler, the club caters for all! If you have any questions, suggestions or just want a chat, please feel free to send me a message or catch me at a pool session, trip or social. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



General Secretary:
Matt Noble

Hey guys, I’m Matt your Gen Sec for the year, essentially I do all the general club admin, update and maintain this astounding website you’re currently browsing and take committee minutes. If you have any questions, want to suggest ideas for the club or just want a chat then don’t be afraid to drop me a message or speak to me in person. I started kayaking, like many of you, in my first year and have never looked back; I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have made at uni, there is so much variety so try everything you can.

I hope to see you all soon!


Willow Allen

Hey, my name is Willow and I’ll be your treasurer this year. I’m a second year psychology student and started kayaking at Uni. My best kayaking experience was completing a run of the Tryweryn white water course. Feel free to chat to me about anything!

Training Secretary:
Nic Reay

Hey team!
Some of the club call me Ass Crack Bandit, but I’ll respond to Nic if you’re not comfortable calling me that. I’m a second year Politics and Philosophy student who enjoys the unit fun dancefloor as well as the unit fun bar space and in general, unit fun. As you’ll soon get to realise from our socials, it’s our favourite watering hole.
I’m your training sec for this year which means I’ll be in charge of facilitating kayaking courses… that, and encouraging alcohol consumption in a safe and friendly manner 😉
I look forward to meeting you all soon.
Cheers for reading this far, I’m impressed you did.

Trips Secretary:
Anna Macklin

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I’m a 3rd year Biological Sciences student. I’ve been kayaking for about a year, having joined in my first year, and have loved every minute of it. My best kayaking experience is difficult to decide as there are too many to choose from!
Some are :
* learning how to roll in the pool
* completing my first grade 3 river
* the socialsss!!!!!
Top tip for a fresher:
My tip is to try everything and always say yes to new opportunities as you will meet lots of great likeminded people along the way! Our club is very friendly, inclusive and active which keeps you fit and happy. ?

Competitions Secretary:
Lowri Peters

Hi everyone! I’m Lowri, a second year Anthropology student and I’ve been paddling for about 5 years. I’m your competitions sec for this year so it’s my job to organise competitions for Polo, slalom, white water and flat water. If you have any questions about competitions or want to chat about anything else feel free to get in touch!

Social Secretaries:
Ivan Saunders and Esme Bateson

Greetings fellow kayaking novices and aficionados alike! I go by many names but you may call me Ivan “the VK destroyer” Saunders. It gives me the utmost pleasure to inform you that I have undertaken the high office of social secretary and share the role with none other than the distinguished, illustrious and venerable Esme Bateson. When there comes a time that you want to observe my prowess as a professional VK drinker, you may find me at one of our revered socials or “smashing it” in Unit 1. I came to university as a novice to kayaking but have since evolved into a master kayaker of great distinction. As a scholar of the University of Exeter, my decision of joining the Canoe Club was unparalleled in its brilliance, and I can assure you with near certainty that you will not lament the decision to join this acclaimed society.
Gen Sec’s Edit: He’s not a nob in real life I promise…most of the time

Hey, I’m Esme, one half of this year’s EUCC social secs! I joined EUCC last year and fell in love not only with the kayaking, but also the people and entire social aspect of the club! Taking part in Canoe Polo BUCS and going on the Alps trip as well as having many interesting tales from socials (which I’m sure you’ll all find out at some point… ) EUCC is the best club you’ll ever join, and I look forward to hosting events you’ll always remember (or not), and becoming good friends with all of you.Esme out Xoxo

Equipment Secretary:
Tristan Bracegirdle

Hi, my name is Tristan and will be be your equipment sec this year. I’m a second year Medical Sciences student. I started kayaking last year and have enjoyed every aspect of it. My favourite kayaking memory was competing in BUCS canoe polo last year. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. I hope to see you all soon!

Transport Secretary:
Ella Waples

Hey I’m Ella, I study biology and joined EUCC last year which is one of the best decisions I made at uni! With so many opportunities this club offers you can get involved so that your whole week revolves around kayaking if that takes your fancy, from pool sessions, to socials, to polo, to river trips there is something for everyone! I am usually around at everything as otherwise the fomo is too much, so hopefully I’ll become a friendly face you’ll be happy to chat to and you’ll soon learn chatting is my forte 🙂 My advice would be try everything and just get involved in the friendly bubble that is EUCC!


  Publicity Secretary:
Dan Harvard

Hiya, I’m Dan and I study mathematics. I joined kayaking last year with very little kayaking experience. With the support of the older members I rapidly gained the skills and knowledge needed for whitewater kayaking and was soon was addicted to the sport. As pub sec I’m responsible for producing the trip edits on our youtube channel and handling our various social media accounts. My highlight from being in the club for the past year has to be Teifi Tour; it’s one of the best weekends I’ve been on with the club as well as having one of the best parties!

Committee Elections

Every year around the end of February there is an AGM. The whole club is invited and this is where the new committee is elected. Each person wishing to take a position on the committee must present their ideas and thoughts on why they should have the position, the person with the most votes takes that position. You hold your position for one year from the summer term to the end of spring term.

If you think you have ideas or want to take some responsibility why not give it a go?

During the year, the committee meet regularly, and the minutes of each meeting are posted here for the club to see. If there is anything you think the committee should discuss which they might have missed, email the Gen Sec.