breals_gnarr Captain: David Brearley

Hi, I’m David and this years EUCC captain. I’m a third year Engineering student, so am always on campus to sit down and have a chat. I have been paddling for 5 years as part of several different clubs with lots of people. You’ll see me at most pool sessions, river trips and socials as a friendly face. If you have any general questions or want to suggest events we can get involved in, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

felix General Secretary: Felix Haigh

Hey guys, I’m Felix, a 3rd Year Physicist and General Secretary for this year. I’m in charge of website admin, taking committee minutes and club membership/insurance. If you have any questions about membership, queries or just want a chat about anything else, then don’t hesitate to ask!

florrie_cool Trips Secretary: Florrie Kirby

Hi, I’m Florrie, I am a third year law student and this years trip sec. I’m in charge of organising weekly river trips, so any questions regarding these let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

james Social Secretary: James Dommett

Hi everyone! I’m James, I’m a second year and I am your social secretary this year. It’s my job to plan and run a fun social every week, usually on a Thursday, but also other events on other nights and some weekends! Look for my face at socials and come say hi! And don’t hesitate to ask me any question about anything at all as I’m involved in most areas of the club. 🙂

chris2 Training Secretary: Chris McAdam

Hi guys, I’m a lone wolf. Our competitors merely adopted the water…but we weren’t. When I’m not downing bevvies with Hammo, hitting the gym or watching Narnia (with The Hammer probably), I’m kayaking on the upper for the bants.
I’m in charge of training sessions and making sure everyone is prepared before they go on the river.

josh Equipment Secretary: Josh Manley

I’m Josh, your kit sec.
I make sure all the stuff you’re taking on the water is in good condition, and that everyone has boats to paddle!
Any questions about kit, let me know!

ben Competitions Secretary: Ben Cockshull

Hey, I’m Ben, Competition Sec 2016-17. I’ll be organising the various competitive activities in the club, including canoe polo, freestyle and flatwater. If you’re interested in any of the competitive aspects of the club or have any queries or questions, please give me a shout! #yolopolo

lauren Transport Secretary: Lauren Brooks

I’m Lauren, your bus sec for 2016-17! I’m a third year history student and i joined the club in the second year (although now i wish i had joined in my first). I’m basically in charge of our (new!) minibus this year, generally making sure it’s ok, as well as driving people around to the pool or other trips. Have a good year!

swales Treasurer: Emily Swales

Hi, I’m Emily, a third year Maths student and I will be your Treasurer for the year. I’ll be looking after the club budget and making sure that we make the best use out of our money. If anyone has any queries regarding money or just wants to chat then do not hesitate to get in touch!

sam Publicity Secretary: Sam Johnson

Hello! I’m Sam, the EUCC publicity sec for 2016/17. I am a third year maths student and joined the club in my second year as a complete beginner. As pub sec, its my job to advertise the club, be it through making leaflets and posters, or by making videos of club trips. Looking forward to seeing you all on the river and on the socials!

Committee Elections

Every year around the end of February there is an AGM. The whole club is invited and this is where the new committee is elected. Each person wishing to take a position on the committee must present their ideas and thoughts on why they should have the position, the person with the most votes takes that position. You hold your position for one year from the summer term to the end of spring term.

If you think you have ideas or want to take some responsibility why not give it a go?

During the year, the committee meet regularly, and the minutes of each meeting are posted here for the club to see. If there is anything you think the committee should discuss which they might have missed, email the Gen Sec.

Committee Responsibilities

The Club Captain is responsible for: Trying to ensure that the Club Good Practise Guidelines are followed Providing adequate provision for all members in the Club program of events insofar as is possible to do so Utilising the Committee in order to provide a high standard of service and instruction for members Acting as a …

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