Nov 29

Cornish League Polo

We had our first polo competition of the year on Saturday, in the Cornish league down at Redruth. The Team was Hugh, Simon V, ‘Mad Dog’ Kate, JC and me, as always it hammered down with rain the entire drive down the A30 (I’ve never driven down that road when its not raining).

We won our second game (a first for an Exeter only team in at least three years in that league!), and scored at least once in every other game. JC was an excellent goalkeeper,  successfully defending from some very good shots and everyone else on the team scored at least once, with some pretty aggressive play from ‘Mad Dog’ Kate confusing the male chauvinistic opposition.

We’re looking forward to our next Cornish League game on the 9th of Jan.



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  1. We’ve definatly been a winning team before. I was there.

  2. We borrowed Leigh from Bude last time we won x

  3. Is that bottle of fizzy pink still in the cave?

  4. of course – where else would it go. I am working on a trophy cabinet x

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