Mar 24

Cornish League

Last Saturday Team ‘My Face’ travelled to Redruth for the last tournament before BUCS in Doncaster. Here’s how it went…
First up we played the Sea Monsters. Despite some lovely goals from Rich and Ash we didn’t manage a win, but I did manage to injure one of the women with a very bad tackle. Next the boys (including Ben Cutler-Ames!) took on the mighty Newquay. Ben demanded that for every goal he scored I would owe him a pint… It became the only game in history in which I have been encouraging players not to score! I still found myself owing Ben a pint at the end! Finally we played Bude. For some of the game we were leading, which encouraged us to fight harder and finish on an impressive 5-5 draw! Thank you to Rich, Ash W, Marie, Peter, Dave P, and Ben CA for competing. Next up… BUCS Polo 2011!!

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