Feb 13

EUCC does Bristol Polo Varsity

Last Saturday saw team My Face travel to Bristol University to play polo (or kayak netball as some may say) in a varsity tournament. We met at the cave around lunchtime and speedily loaded the boats onto the bus, stopping briefly at St. Lukes to grab paddles and decks.
On the way out of Exeter we into pulled into Tesco’s garage to fill Heather up, not once but twice as our driver (who was a mad dog for some reason) chose the wrong side of the petrol pump for the bus! After grabbing a few nibbles for the journey and not forgetting the removal of a very smelly and damp pair of boxer shorts that had been vegetating in the bus foot well, we finally hit the open road and began our journey to Bristol!
It wasn’t long after our arrival at the student union that we played our first match against the University of London. Team my face played an excellent opening game. Rich and Kate were on fire as our main goal scorers and Pete had a great game in goal with some cracking saves! Unfortunately we lost the match but a good team effort by plastic fantastic ensured this was only by 4-2!
Next we were up against our greatest rivals Southampton University! Captain Hook demonstrated some amazing play, putting her hook to full advantage in powering around the pool with some good strong paddling and ball control! Mad dog made grown men quiver as she sharked them around the pool looking for any opportunity to push them in (which indeed she did)! At half time we were leading 2-1, surely this could be Team my face’s 1st victory, however this was not to be as Southampton fought strongly back with some fine polo play, the resultant score being 4-2. No tears were shed over this loss however as Southampton are great friends and we had a good chin wag and catch up after the match.
Going into our last game against Bristol monkeys, Southampton very kindly let us borrow their fibreglass boats and what a difference it made! Team my face was whizzing around at the speed of light and played a fantastic game. George and I worked alongside in an accidental (completely intentional tactical decision) blocking of the oppositions boats and this along with the some beautiful team work from Pete, Kate and Rich and of course not forgetting support from our newly acquired fans (Pete’s mum and dad) ensured our first ever victory, final score 1-0!!
Travelling back from Bristol, as we approached Exeter the mood within the bus was so high due to our immense victory that we could no longer contain our elation and felt it necessary share our screams of excitement to passersby outside the bus!
The night ended with a toast to team my face in the Vic, followed by a few drinks in Firehouse! All in all the day had been a great success and on behalf of Exeter polo team I would like to thank Bristol University for all their hard work in organising and hosting such a successful and enjoyable event! We had a great time and look forward to next year’s varsity! Thanks also to Kate for driving the bus ensuring our safe arrival at Bristol and also to Jen for her dedication and organisation of the polo event!
Come on My face!!!!

Marie Faithfull

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