Jan 26


After a key change, not the musical variety, 7 of Exeter’s finest canoe polo players headed off to Southampton for an awesome weekend with Paul Farin, an ex-member of EUCC. These people were Hugh, Phil, Kate ‘Mad Dog’, Iain, Jess, J.C. and Pete.¬†We arrived in time for a late lunch and catch up with Paul, and then headed off for our tournament with Southampton University Canoe Polo club. We had an all Exeter team, Southampton A’s, and team S-Exe, combining the Exeter ladies and Southampton. Our warm up match ended 5-0 to Southampton, but we clearly improved as the final match ended 3-4. Exeter girls also put out a great performance, with Jess being the highest scorer from Exeter.

After the match Phil and I had a rather unintentional tour round Southampton’s city centre from Paul, meaning we never actually made it to Asda. So we headed back to the flat, and Robert J Chase joined us and Southampton for pizza, before heading to one of Soton’s most respected¬†establishments. It was a great night, despite being attacked by onions. Sunday morning…. sleep. In the afternoon we headed to West Quay for a good meal and coffee before heading home.

A great time was had by everyone, thanks to SUCP for a good match, and a massive thanks to Paolo for having us all to stay, and his great tour of John Lewis.


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  1. The Exeter ‘My Face’ team played awesomely. Good work all involved, except for Rob chase – bad work on that front.

  2. I like how Pete skipped swiftly over the whole wrong-key fiasco and almost binning the bus into a wall. But kudos anyway to Pete, without him we wouldn’t have been able to go. LADS ON TOUR

  3. I just found outfrom my housemate we could have reached the ASDA via the motorway lol

    In other news PHIL!!! how drunk were you?!! I’ve been told distrubing stories from the club night!

    It was awesome either way. Everyone this end had an awesome time too!

  4. Nice wang all round. Thanks Pablo for having us. Luvs JC.x

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