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– Meet the Members 2017-2018




David Brearley

Year: 4th

Degree: Engineering





Previous Experience: 7

Best memory: Seeing off a walking boot, full of free beer given to me by a barman at Teifi Tour 2016. Kayaking wise; probably Alps Trip 2017, check out the articles about it (I know, plug = jug). On the rare occasion that neither alcohol nor kayaking are involved in the club, it’d have to be driving through Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France with 2 of my best mates and the tunes blazing. Favourite quote: “GET THE PILLS!!!”





Felix Haigh

Year: 4th

Degree: Physics





I joined EUCC as a fresher and so have experienced pretty much everything this club has to offer; from being a beginner to kayaking in 1st year, being on committee 2nd and 3rd year, to being a wise old bean in 4th year. This club has not only improved my kayaking ability, it is where I have met most of my closest friends, and has helped me live life to the fullest and become more confident in myself. You may not see me at as many socials as some of the other club members (I’ve got to actually work hard this year!) but if you look out for my bright orange kit – I’ll see you on the river! x





Natalie Pursglove


Claire Below

Year: 2nd

Degree: Biology & Geography





Name: Natalie/ Snat/ Cake Sec

Year: 2nd

Course: Biology

Previous Kayaking Experience: A little bit of flatwater when I was in Sea Scouts.

Best Memory: I will pick a few because there are too many! Definitely getting my first roll on proper white water at Cardiff, I learnt a pool roll relatively quickly, but took months to get one on moving white water, and everyone was so supportive and cheered me on when I got it. Also, the first ladies polo team match at South West Canoe Polo tournament, it was such a great way to bond with the rest of the team and really get to know other members of the club.

Advice: Take every opportunity you get, be it polo, white water, flat water, or extra fitness sessions. If the opportunity isn’t currently an opportunity, ask someone, chances are they will be able to help you make that happen. Do not be put off this club if you are a non-drinker, I initially didn’t want to join purely on the basis that I knew it was a sports club and assumed it would be too alcohol-focused, however that is definitely not the case and it is really a club for people who at the end of the day just want to kayak. Finally, make sure you always tie up your shoelaces so you don’t trip and break your foot the week before BUCS 😉


Hi I’m Claire and I joined EUCC as a fresher last year having only ever paddled on a canal before! My favourite moments in EUCC have been playing ladies polo matches and the many different socials throughout the year as well as the Polzeath trip. I’ve made some fantastic friends this year and so many great memories. My advice to freshers is to try everything on offer and don’t ever be afraid to ask for help or coaching because everyone is really friendly and will always help you out 🙂





Adam Finley

Year: (old.)

Degree: Astrophysics





Hey everyone, I’m Adam, before I came to Exeter, I learnt to paddle with Lancaster University Canoe Club. Starting in my first year, I took committee roles and invested a lot of time in pool sessions and on trips over the 4 years I was there. Coming to Exeter for my PhD, I try to share what I have learnt whilst promoting all kinds of kayaking. I advise all members to be multidisciplinary be it whitewater, polo, slalom, freestyle etc: if there’s a chance for boating I’m keen! I am happy to help out and answer individual’s queries, so don’t hesitate to ask!





Daisy Newbold-Harrop

Year: 2nd

Degree: Philosophy and Politics





Yo peeps, I’m Daisy, and I joined EUCC last year with very little kayaking experience, but am now a self-proclaimed pro ;D From the amazing introduction to the club that was the Polzeath trip to competing with the ladies polo team in various tournaments, last year was incredibly fun-filled. I’d say that the best times I had, though, were the weekly polo training sessions, where we could all practice polo together for a few hours while socialising, which to me is what is at the heart of EUCC. You will learn some incredible skills, all while being surrounded by some of the best and most friendly people you will ever meet. (Also, the socials are epic, but that’s something you really have to experience for yourself.. 😉 ) My advice for all you new members is to have a go at everything on offer, even if the idea of paddling for your life down rapids or being binned by the other team in the contact sport that is canoe polo scares you half to death. EUCC is the perfect opportunity to try so many new things that you won’t get the chance to anywhere else, and it’s not as frightening as it looks once you’re doing it, trust me. So just get stuck in and find out which part(s) of kayaking best suit you! Looking forward to meeting you all, whether it be on a social or a river! 🙂