Oct 13

Polzeath 2018

Members of EUCC met at the cave throughout Friday to set off for the wonderful world of Cornwall. After “minimal” faff getting the boats on the AU bus roof (I bet Ivan we could do it in 10 minutes, it took us 50……) the last of us left Exeter and hit the road. Some of us may have gotten a bit lost and driven 15 miles the wrong way down the motorway (nothing to do with my navigational skills….) However we all eventually made it in 1 piece to the campsite and set up the few remaining tents. After this we went and chilled at the clubhouse, and squished into our tents for an early night (“We are like chocolate fingers”- Lucy T 2018).

A small storm in the night caused some tents to collapse, however we all survived the night and woke up early the next day (haha just kidding) for some…………non-existent surf. Thankfully there was a café close by so some of us went there for a hot chocolate and to watch the surfers. At around 10.00 most of the club was up and ready so we drive the bus onto the shore, unloaded, and had a quick warm up and training session on surf kayaking. Team Fresh did rather well with only moderate swimming, especially xxxxxxxx who I am sure is a mermaid with his unnatural ability to hold his breath for up to what felt like hours. When we had all had a surf/play in the sea we got out for lunch.  Some of our new members wanted to surf some more, special shout-out to Tom, Elis, and Harry who agreed to stay in the sea with me and safety, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Once everyone was surfed-out we dragged the kit back up to the site, showered, and committee began the barbeque whilst others had some downtime. And no, we certainly did not set the grill on fire and almost the whole hut as well, it was just a smoke flare to let people know that the food was ready! When we had all eaten we played a few games of kayak pong and headed back to the clubhouse for a social! We also celebrated Lucy and Chloe’s birthdays with enough cake to feed an army!

The following morning some of headed back to the café for more hot chocolate, whilst others slept in. Once the surf got better a few of us hired surf-boards/bodyboards for another day in the sea, whilst the rest of the group went on a walk along the Cornish coastline. We then all regrouped at the campsite and loaded up the boats on the busses (almost falling off the roof several times out of sheer tiredness). We waved goodbye to the campsite and headed off back to Exeter, refreshed and ready to take on the new term.

All in all we had a fab time, many thanks to committee for organising and running everything, and thank you to everyone that attended.

Natalie x

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