Pool Sessions

What is it?

These are relaxed coaching sessions in which you can develop skills to put to use on the river. Whether you want to learn how to paddle in a straight line or practise your flat-water front-loops they’re completely flexible.

We often head to the pub afterwards so it’s a great way to socialise. Shuttles back to campus run both before and after the pub however so don’t worry if you’ve got work on.

If you’re wondering whether to join the club, come along to a couple of pool sessions for free to try it out. You can come along at any point in the year, email us for more info.

Where and When

Monday and Wednesday evenings, 8-10pm. They’re run throughout term time, except bank holidays.

They’re at St Lukes pool, with a shuttle from Streatham Campus leaving at 7.45pm from the bottom of Stocker Road.

What to Bring

  • Swimwear and a towel.
  • Many people also wear a tshirt and/or shorts in the pool to feel more comfortable.
  • It’s free! Though bring some money if you plan to join us at the pub after.


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