Feb 24

South West Polo: 21st Feb


On Tuesday the club headed off for another installment of “Exeter takes on South West Uni’s” Polo edition. After much faffing to get petrol money, despite being reminded by Ben about half an hour before (cough cough Alex and Matt) we finally hit the road in the bus and Adam’s car. Despite getting lost as we careered round Bath Uni, almost mowing down a group of runners in the process, us and the bus made it to the car park in 1 piece, and in high spirits. A short walk and quick change into polo gear led us to ogle in wonder at the pool, 50 beautiful metres of clean, warm water, as well as 18 carbon boats, surplus polo paddles, BA’s, helmets, and decks (needless to say, we were very jealous).
The tournament kicked off with an Exeter A team vs Bath match. After this it was the turn of the B team, and the debut of our very own Exeter University Ladies Canoe Polo Team + Tristan (what a mouthful!). Nervous but excited (this was the first competition for most), the game commenced after a quick change over of boats and some encouraging motivational pep talks from the A team. Sadly we suffered defeat to Bath (an all male team,) failing to score. After this it was the turn of the A team again. Play had definitely picked up by now, featuring goals from Adam and co making for a nail-bitingly close match (7-4, 4-4 at half time). After a no-binning pact with Bristol University it was the Ladies team again. Playing yet another all-male team, our play dramatically improved in this game, leading us to almost score during the 1st half! This game was also an excellent opportunity to get some shots of the team in action, in addition to the usual post-match team photos. We left the pool tired but in very high spirits (partially due to the Kayak themed cake made by Daisy and myself earlier that day, #blowingmyowntrumpet) and started the long journey back, excellently driven by Ella on her first time driving the bus with passengers. A quick stop at McDonalds at the insistence of Sam, and we continued back home to Exeter.

Whilst we did not win any matches, overall we had an amazing time competing and getting the chance to bond as a team, proving that EUCC is definitely “probably the best canoe club in the world”. Bring on BUCS!!
#yfp (yay for polo)
Natalie xx

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