Trips We Run

Weekly: Usually on a Saturday, exploring local whitewater rivers or surfing at the beach depending on the season.

Weekend: Overnight trips to places such as North Wales, South Wales, Dartmoor, and Nottingham.

Alps: At the end of the year we go to the Alps for a fortnight of paddling on beautiful sun-kissed rivers. Destinations have included Slovenia, Austria and France.

How to Sign Up

Trips are usually open to anyone who’s been to at least one pool session, although there will be the odd trip where a bit more experience may be needed (you will have this if you come along regularly!).

Emails about each trip will be sent out during the week. To sign up you need to register yourself on the forum.

What to Bring

For normal day trips, you need:

  • Petrol Money: Usually around £5 but you will be told in the email for each trip.
  • Warm clothes to get wet, including fleeces. Not anything fancy, just nothing cotton. If you don’t have these head to Primark.
  • If you have a wetsuit, bring it along, if not don’t panic, we have club wetsuits you can borrow.
  • Shoes to get wet (This is important!)
  • Complete set of dry warm clothes for after the river, including a towel.
  • Lunch (we stop at a petrol station so don’t worry if you forget) and a thermos of hot drink will feel wonderful as you will get cold, especially in December/January.
  • Last but most importantly: money for a pint and food after the river. We usually go to Wetherspoons after the river – beer and a burger is £5. You don’t have to come but this is a good way to get to know the rest of the club.

Everything else will be provided by the club – transport, boat, paddles, safety equipment etc. Check Euan’s kit guide for a breakdown on the kit involved in kayaking.

For weekend away trips, any extra kit you need to bring will be detailed in the trip email.

Where to Go

For almost every trip we meet at ‘the cave’. To find the cave, head to the sports hall past the arabic studies building and the physics building. Instead of walking to the right of the sports hall towards the reception, follow the building around to the left down a small path. The cave is at the back of the building with garage doors.

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