May 31

UWE Varsity Canoe Polo Tournament: 21st May

An early morning start, but great weather, saw nine paddlers (after Jen’s oversleeping) make their way towards Bristol after a rendezvous at Taunton for some kit and the tenth player. Two car parks later and we found the Scout Hut and were greeting by a pair of loud-mouthed-megaphone-wielding UWE supporters. After some faff finding toilets we kitted up and headed over to the docks.

Ladies team make their debut

First on the water were the ladies who had a great debut game against Bristol ladies, losing 5-0.

Their next game was against UWE ladies and this was a cracking game to watch! The teams were so well-matched and after the ladies’ previous game they played much better as a team, ending with a respectable loss of 2-1 after Marie’s fantastic goal!

Next the men’s team had their first game; it was against Bath men’s. Again quite a well-matched game, landing us an uplifting draw of 2-2. A great start to the day for the men’s team.

Our next men’s game was against Avon which we knew would be a tough one but we gave it our all. A very fast-paced game with some great team work, the final score was 6-0 to Avon.

The ladies had their final game against Bath. It was a tough game but they lost 5-0.

The last game of the day for Exeter was the men’s against UWE old boys. A great effort and we scored our second goal of the day, but it wasn’t enough to win. The final score was 4-1 to UWE.

So after a great day of sun, polo, free energy drinks and banter (at the expense of “Rabbit” and the rather portly “swimmer with no seat”), our ladies team came away joint 8th (with UWE men’s), and our men’s team ended up 7th.

Jen dropping Ash!

Cheers everyone! Bring on Bath’s “freshers” tournament in September! 🙂

Ashley x

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