May 05

UWE Varsity Polo 2009

canoepoloWe were invited to play at the annual UWE varsity tournament on Sunday. Fielding a mixed team, we beat both UWE & Bristol ladies and gave Bristol men a run for their money, leading 2:1 at half time in a game that ended 2:4. We played hard against the much stronger Bristol & UWE Old Boys teams, but unfortunately lost both games.
It was a really good day: the standard of play was perfect for our team (Dave P, Charlie, Hugh, Jess, Mark & me), the weather was perfect and the event very well organised. Once again our standard improved massively during the tournament, particularly defensively. We just need to keep up the training sessions to improve our ball skills.
We’re looking forward to competing again next year, and a big thanks goes to Laura for coming along and supporting us, it made a huge difference on the water, and to UWE for putting the tournament on and taking us for a curry afterwards.


  1. Word on the street is that boyer pushed some girls in..?! and Laura was supporting that?! Shame on her.

    P.S. I wish i could play polo, but i can’t because I’m rubbish

  2. Boyer made two girls swim, he is no longer Mark ‘Manly’ Boyer, but Mark ‘Woman-beater’ Boyer

    P.S. don’t be so hard on yourself

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