We are 2nd in BUCS Canoe polo!

2024 A BUCS team (left to right) Ashley Holmes, Harvey Saunders, Toby Jones, Aaron McMahon, Benedict Vincent, James Eslick, Lucas Reid, Alex Robinson

After a record-breaking year for all three of our canoe polo teams, we are delighted to announce that our A and B teams are both second in the country after the 2024 BUCS season.

In recent years we have placed a focus on reaching these goals by offering more training sessions and investing in better polo equipment, such as our own polo pitches in Exeter. While we have three different teams that we enter into competitions, we train together as a club and support one another in the sport. However, we also offer higher level training to experienced polo players. Currently we have three outstanding international players on our teams and they work together in improving personal skills while also helping train the rest of us. This culture of inclusivity is foundational to our club and without it we would not have achieved our recent successes.


Exeter A team:

2024 BUCS, Aaron McMahon

Exeter Ladies:

The Ladies team is great at maintaining the fine balance between having a laugh and being extremely competitive! We learn to play polo together and have a much more relaxed style compared to the other teams. However, when it’s a competition, there is a mentality of “kill kill kill” against other universities!

Since our team is fairly small, the friendships within are very strong and we love having new-comers in to join us! We have a wide range of abilities and experience so the environment of ladies training is always encouraging and welcoming. While we have set ladies sessions and socials, we also train with the other Exeter teams so we can get game experience and learn from the rest of the club. I find it is important to keep supporting each other in the ladies-only sessions but equally creating a wider community of polo players in the club. – Jessica Dubock (captain 2024/2025)

2024 BUCS Ladies team: (left to right) Courtney West, Katie King, Ella Mulcahy, Phoebe Attenborough, Jessica Dubock

Exeter B team:

2024 B BUCS team: (left to right) Matty Clemens, Rhys Oakley, Aidan Coster, Jamie Kimber, Zach Rogers, Toby Morgan

Which competitions do we enter?


Exeter is part of the South West University League (SWUPL). Several Saturdays per term, all three of Exeter’s teams travel up to the Bristol docks to play against universities such as Cardiff, Bath, Bristol, Swansea and Southampton. These matches carry on throughout Term 1 and 2, with the SWUPL finals being held towards the end of March. 

Exeter teamPosition
A team1st Place
Ladies2nd Place
B team2nd Place
standings after the 2024 season

CUCP and ‘Varsities’

As well as the SWUPL leagues, we also compete against other universities in ‘one-off’ competitions.


What is Canoe Polo?

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