Pool Sessions

We run 2 sessions a week at St Luke’s swimming pool, Monday 8pm-10pm and Wedensday 8pm-10pm, sessions are included in your membership so there’s no extra cost for attending! These are great opportunities to practice your kayaking skills, with one on one training and the ease and safety of a swimming pool. With our Training Sec providing skills and goals we can work on that align with our own progress on rivers and in competitions. Pool sessions are completely optional, but one of the best things about kayaking is the more you put, the more improvement you’ll see.

River Based

The core aim of training is to build confidence and skills at any level, by setting focused individualised targets on the river that you set yourself based on what aspect of kayaking you’re interested in and how you want to improve.

Comp Training

We run separate training sessions every week for the different competition disciplines. With the competition sec working with the training sec to provide training to suit the discipline and your own ability.

pool sessions

Training is coordinated by our training secretary
James Eslick
Training Secretary 2020-2021


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