Membership is from £60 and can be bought HERE.

What does my membership include?

We pride ourselves on being the best “value for money” club on campus. Your memberships gives you access to:
– use of our boats and safety equipment.*
– transport in our club minibus on trips, meaning trips are as cheap as possible.
– storage for your own personal kit, in our boat store: “the cave”.
– pool sessions three times a week, with one-to-one coaching and lifeguards.
– socials every week, and end of term dinners.

* Joining your university canoe club is the cheapest way to start kayaking. Here is the average cost of some kayaking kit (that you can use for free with your membership!).

  • Whitewater boat: £850
  • Paddles £250
  • Helmet £120
  • Buoyancy Aid: £200
  • Waterproof Cag: £80

That is £1500 – and that’s just one discipline! We also do Canoe Polo which has it’s own unique equipment!

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